Herbarium Collection

The herbarium's collection of specimens include vascular plants,bryophytes,seed samples and plant fossils.The vascular plants collection currently numbers approximately 2.4 million sheets which maily collected in China and about 20% of them from other countries.Areas of specialization include flora of Sichuan,Yunnan,Xizang and other regions.Important collectors represented include those of T.T.Yu, W.C.Wang, Y.W.Cui, J.M.Liu, Z.Y.Cao, A.R.Li, Z.Y.Liu and so on. The collection contains about 17,000 types of vascular plants and a few collections have not yet been examined for types. The collection of bryophyte numbers approximately 200,000 packets.The collection of seed samples is stored in individual bottles. The seed samples collection currently numbers about 80,000 bottles.About 70,000 plant fossils are stored in the paleobotanical building.